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An Urban Field Guide to Almaty, Kazakhstan

Make sense of Almaty's built environment, from the city to the suburbs to the streets.  

Documenting everything from painted trees to irrigating aryks, this unusual resource is your guide to the elements that make Almaty so special.

Founded in 2014, Walking Almaty was a blog before it blossomed into a business. Strolling every street in the city with his camera and eye for detail, Walker-in-Chief Dennis Keen collected photos and created this "field guide" to Almaty's unusual urban landscape. 

Use the Urban Field Guide to familiarize yourself with the everyday texture of Kazakhstan's greatest city, answering some FAQs along the way: Why are the trees painted white? Who spray-painted all those flying rhinos? And what's up with all the yellow pipes?


The City

Construction Elements

Exterior Elements

Courtyard Elements


The Suburbs

Construction Elements

Streetside Elements


The Streets

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