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Landmark Tours

Dig into Almaty highlights like the Green Bazaar or the Kök-Töbe  lookout, or discover hidden gems like the overlooked Academy of Sciences.


Green Bazaar Tour

Discover the diverse roots of Kazakhstani cuisine in the Modernist temple of the Winter Pavilion, descend into the bazaar’s secret dungeon and feast on hand-pulled Dungan noodles. 

Panfilov Park Tour

Discover the hidden corners of Almaty’s most legendary park, known for its epic Soviet monuments, music and military museums and the iconic Ascension Cathedral. 


Academy of Sciences Tour

Wander the empty halls of Almaty’s Soviet-era “Temple of Science,” visiting mini-museums dedicated to archaeology and rare books while marveling at the building’s stunning murals, mosaics and stained glass. 

Barakholka Market Tour

Venture out to Almaty’s notorious district of shops in shipping containers, where we’ll dive into traditional Kazakh culture at a crafts bazaar and dine on Afghan pilaf.  

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